MARGARET HUBER   I teach at the University of Brighton where I am the course leader for MA Sequential Design/Illustration and MA Arts and Design by Independent Project.  I also supervise PhD students  and lecture in the BA Extension Studies programme where I teach a unit on visual diaries.  I am originally from America but now live in London.

VISUAL DIARIES   Some pages in my diary are a real mess but occasionally a door seems to open and something steps through, an idea or observation that sums up my day or a starting point for future work.  I take my diary to places I both do and don't want to go.  It helps me get through meetings I'd rather not attend and keeps me company when I visit the dentist.  I take it on the train, to coffee shops and museums.  It's also a favourite place to draw and paint while sitting in front of the TV.  I enjoy the methodical approach to diary keeping; being able to turn the page to start again opens up the potential for new thinking.


TRAIN TICKETS   'Day Return to Brighton' is an ongoing diary project for now over a thousand drawings on used train tickets from my daily commute from London to Brighton.  When I started the series i set a few ground rules to help me remember what was important in the work.  I limited the drawing materials to pencil, pen (black and blue ink only) and Tipp-Ex (white correction fluid), which keeps the project portable.  I never throw tickets away: if I make a mistake I keep working on it until I'm left with something I like or can use, which might mean ending up with a virtually black ticket if things go badly wrong.  For the most part I try to work with the mistakes, remembering that I'm allowed some less than wonderful tickets over the long haul.  Also, every ticket used in the series must be mine, and only those used for my daily commute to Brighton.  This reinforces my initial objective, which was to try to find a positive way to acknowledge the time and money invested in commuting.  Each ticket represents one day of my working life.

CROCHET: MEDALS & DOLLIES   This work is new for me.  To start, I don't really know how to crochet but am gradually learning a few things as I go along.  Nothing is really planned, as I am enjoying the surprise of not knowing what I am making.  The Lifesaving, Gymnast and Excellence award medals come from the idea that the need to succeed can be a burden.  The date and time medals are more about my personal history and the most recent work is a series of dressed objects (dollies).

UNCLE PONY  This collection of images and objects comes from Uncle Pony's scrapbook.